Inflammation Of The Tendon Can Cause Trigger Finger

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Some people may have encountered disturbing experience of the inability to straighten the fingers after bending. It may occur from a normal work in front of the computer typing reports, carrying of groceries bag over a bus journey and more commonly so after long hours of gaming using both hands! If you have encountered such experiences the odds are you might have developed trigger finger.

Trigger finger is known as Stenosing Tenosynobitis, it refers to a condition that the finger gets “locks” in the bended position and in serious cases straightening it back to the upright position can be difficult and painful. Straightening the finger may require the help of the other hand. At times a “click” sound maybe heard in the process of doing so.

The occurrence can affect one or more fingers and usually the thumb, last and ring fingers are usual victims. Also, study has shown that right-handers tend to be the more risky group when comes to trigger fingers.

Common conditions are stiffness, pain and swelling to the tendon joint of the affected fingers. On other occasion a small lumpy tissue known as nodule can be spotted around the affected finger.

It is estimated that 2 out of 100 people are affected by trigger finger on average. The causes vary and several factors can contribute to one’s risk. These include people with the following conditions:

  • Older people and female
  • People with medical conditions such as arthritis or diabetes
  • Occupation hazards such as musicians
  • Bad habits such as long hours of gaming

Typically most cases will be dealt with comfortably using topical anti-inflammatory drugs and painkiller. For certain patients the use of splinting by strapping the affected finger to a plastic splint can help in relieving pain and aid a fast recovery.

For severe cases early seeking appropriate medical consultation and treatment will prevent condition getting worse. Early cases can be treated successfully without surgery.

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